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Finally, a great furniture option for your stamped receiver (straight cut) Norinco MAK-90 rifle!


These AKM pattern sets are made here in the U.S. and come with one of our custom made pistol grips. We custom modify each set of furniture to fit the thicker Norinco receiver.


We perform the following modifications on each set of furniture:


Lengthen buttstock tang slot

Trim the buttstock tenon (wood tab)

Trim the lower handguard tenon (wood tab)






NOTE: If you do not have a Paypal account or prefer to pay via credit or debit card, simply click the “PayPal” logo and then “Pay with debit card”.  





Each set of furniture is made to order and receives a custom, hand brushed finish which requires ample time to cure/dry before it can be shipped. Due to this process and an unprecedented increase in orders, we ask that you allow up to 3.5 months from the time that you place your order to take delivery of your custom finished set.


As a small, two-person, custom shop we do our best to process each custom order in a timely fashion and at the same time, make sure that each customer receives beautifully custom finished furniture. Thank you!





As with most wood AK furniture, some fitting will be required. We include fitting instructions and tips with your shipping confirmation email. Please also feel free to request them at any time and we will send them to you via email. Thank you!

Norinco MAK 90 Sets